Teacher Training, Seminar, and Lab training in Vietnam

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Date : August 02 2022

Three-day event including teacher training, course dissemination seminar, and lab training was organized in Binh Duong, Vietnam on 18-20 July 2022. On the first day teacher training was organized at Eastern International University (EIU) involving teachers from all four partner institutions in Vietnam covering several teaching modules developed in the project. On the second day, EIU organized “Energy Efficient and Smart Lighting Education Seminar”. The seminar was attended by 72 people representing various educational institutions and private companies from Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong region. European partners presented various topics on Energy Efficient and Smart Lighting whereas presentations from Vietnamese partners included sharing of their experiences & lesson learned on implementation of newly designed courses and development of lab in the project as well as presentation from local industry. Third day of the event was lab training on newly developed lab at Vietnam German University. Various exercises were practiced during the training session using illuminance meter, luminance meter, and Integrating sphere.

The “Energy Efficient and Smart Lighting Education Seminar” was covered by Bình Dương Television (BTV) news:


More information on the seminar: Workshop "Energy Efficiency andSmart Lighting" - EIU

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