Project Activities

WP1- Needs assessment and analysis

This work package deals with the preparation phase  of the project. The activities are designed to explore important needs and opportunities of smart lighting education development in partner countries. The project identifies and approaches to different groups of professional related to energy efficiency and smart lighting, including, but not limited to, student & teacher, lighting and building automation designers, engineers, builders, operators, equipment and component manufactures to discuss their needs, opportunities and gaps that are preventing them from achieving smart lighting goals. 

WP2- Development of new courses and lighting laboratory

This is the main work package of the project where the activities are devised for the development of education, teaching and training to fulfill the objectives of the project. The development of a new courses focuses on energy efficient and smart lighting. The purpose of the new courses is to educate the future graduates to be able to use up-to-date knowledge and technology in the field of lighting to improve the lighting situation and to reduce the consumption of electrical energy for lighting in an environment in which they will be professionally active. 

Although the necessary theoretical bases is given in the classical way with help of lectures and exercises, more emphasis should be given on learning through doing approach. For this, course development is also connected with the laboratory work and it is important that also laboratories at partner universities are well equipped and that technician in these laboratories are familiar with use of equipment. So part of this WP is also to help partner universities from Vietnam and Myanmar to bring their lighting laboratories to up to date state.

WP3- Quality assurance and monitoring

In this work package, the basic elements of project quality assurance such as quality of the process, quality of outcomes and adequate risk management are ensured. In addition to the internal quality assurance activities, an external expert will be invited to evaluate the project activities and outputs according to the European standards after the project mid-term. The results and recommendation of the evaluation will be used to improve the project activities.

The quality of the developed courses will be verified through accreditation process at each university and made part of the existing curriculum.

WP4-Dissemination, promotion, and collaboration with industry & society

Information dissemination and promotion of energy efficient and smart lighting in Vietnam and Myanmar are carried out from the very beginning of the project through various activities . The aim is also to engage stakeholders in  partner countries to have sustainable co-operation and promotion of energy efficient and smart lighting.

WP5- Project Management and communication

Activities in this work package deal with project management and communication, financial management, contractual agreement with partners, finalization of project management procedures, project planning , and reporting. 

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